Cardamom & Apple Roast Pork Tenderloin


This is a dish that I often throw together in the winter. I’ve used all kinds of apples to make it since I visit a u-pick farm every year with my family, Coston Farm in Hendersonville, N.C., and have apples on hand from fall until spring.


This last fall, my dad and  his wife and his two sisters and their husbands joined us on my little family’s tenth annual trip to the farm.

My boys always buy an apple juice and play checkers on the farm’s rocking chair porch with their dad while they sip them. And of course I still embarrass them by making them stand in front of the farm’s giant growth chart. I have taken pictures of them in front of it every year since my little guy was 3 and this big galoot was 5. Makes me want to cry to see the almost men that they’ve so quickly become.


My aunt won the unofficial shiniest, reddest apple of the season contest. It was a BEAUTY!


The last bushel almost made it to the warm season. I tossed the few bruised ones that were hanging around to my flock of chickens earlier in the week.

The apple roast pork is super quick and easy to make. I just slice cored apples and the pork into rounds. zsliceporkwtrmk

Then I layer them and sprinkle on cardamom and salt & pepper.



Roasting time will vary according to the size of the loin used, but the pan of goodies always comes out of my 350 degree oven,  juicy and tender within the hour.


The child who doesn’t like savory and sweet combinations, or cooked apples of any kind, picks out his apple slices, but does appreciate the flavor that the apples impart.


Of course the meat and apples are best drizzled with the pan juices that are left from roasting. And the last time I made this dish, I served it with a spinach salad dressed with friends’ homemade apple cider vinegar and cheesy grits on the side.