Elegant & English Hand Baked Tea Biscuits in London ~ That time I flew all the way across the pond, just to dip my toe in the UK.


So we had a choice. My son and I could fly to London, then on to Munich, since Germany was our destination. Or we could stop in Paris long enough to see the important sites and then head on to Munich, where we were meeting my mother and other family members. Mom had added France to our Europe itinerary, just so that I could knock off another bucket list check. So I decided that, since the UK was top of my personal bucket list, we would stop in London. I have always felt that I HAVE to see Ireland. I was more interested in getting there my whole life than to my homeland of Germany. But that would not be possible. It would be a quick stop in the UK, but long enough for tea and scones at Fortnum & Mason. Then we would fly to Munich, arriving just in time for the opera at the National Theater that was on my son’s bucket list.


Well, the day I was in Nurnberg, almost two weeks later, taking pictures of all the huge, gorgeous churches that reminded me of Notre Dame and had me kicking myself a little for choosing London over Paris, Notre Dame burned. Aack!! And because our flight from the US was delayed half the night, our entire itinerary was thrown off. No tea. No scones. No opera.

“On Time”. Key words.
Excited. Passing the time in a quiet, dark corner in an old granny rocker.

So sad that our flight has been delayed. And delayed. And delayed. At this point, when we are pretending to cry for a picture to send to those waiting for us in Munich, we had no idea if we were still going or not. The airline was saying that if we didn’t get off the ground by 1:30 a.m., the captain was going to cancel the flight. If the captain canceled the flight, we wouldn’t get on another one until the next evening. That would mean we wouldn’t arrive until my family had already left Munich for other parts of Germany. My son and I decided to just cancel our whole trip if that happened, and plan another trip to Europe.

But then, the part the mechanics needed to fix the plane arrived. The crew fixed the two major problems they had been having (we were seriously hoping, since a Titanic-esque swim in the North Atlantic was not on our agenda) and we were able to take off.


And I got to SEE Ireland. Just see it. From the air. But…bucket list CHECK! I was SO excited. I must have sounded to other passengers like a kid seeing Disney for the first time, though I tried to keep my composure. I waited. Ocean. Ocean. Ocean. Then…land! And it looked like Ireland was “supposed to” look.



And then England came into view. It was SO cool!


And IT looked just like it was “supposed to” look. Beautiful!

We made it to London! Half a day late. The airline got us on a connecting flight that was to leave in 15 minutes, when we still had to take a bus from one terminal to another. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was tired. So, so tired. The airport was hot. So, so hot. Boy do they like it warm over there! And security was insane. So, so insane. And we knew we had already missed our new connecting flight, because it all took a long time. So, so long. And we knew that probably meant going back over to the other terminal and being put on another connection and going through security AGAIN. But…when we arrived at our gate, our new connection had also been delayed. I didn’t know if we’d ever get to Munich at this rate, but we at least had a few minutes to take a breather while we waited to see if this plane would eventually get off the ground. My son sat with our things while I walked around to find my tea and scone. The Fortnum & Mason gift shop was right next us. My mouth watered as I looked at all the boxes of tea and goodies. I wanted to buy things and have them shipped home, but there wasn’t time.


But then I found the bar I was looking for, only to be told that they didn’t serve tea and scones. Dadgummit!!! My plans were foiled again.

So I reported back to my son and told him I was heading to the kiosk across from where he was stationed on luggage guard duty. I was hot, sticky, tired, nervous (I don’t like flying much), but there was the nicest little man in a suit, friendly and smiling –seeing that I was hot and tired and nervous– ,when everyone else at Heathrow had been short-tempered and rude (probably because they keep it so stinkin’ hot). And another clerk, a female, was just so, so nice, helping me to find the perfect authentic London baked treat as a substitute for the scone I wouldn’t get. And this is what I ended up hurriedly purchasing, just as boarding was called for our flight.


We found our seats on the plane and buckled up, then opened my little box of tea biscuits so we could each eat one ON British soil before a flight attendant told us not to and our plane took off.

We saved the rest to share with my husband and other son, who did not go to Europe with us. They were wonderful with a cup of Earl Grey, the tea I would have had, if there had been scones. And they survived a flight across the English Channel and France, two weeks in Germany, a trip to Switzerland and France, and another very long flight home, relatively intact.




The Thames also looked just like it was “supposed to”, on take-off. I felt just a little bit like Tinker Bell.


I am so happy to say that there were no other hiccups on the entire two week adventure, and my bucket list is completely empty and ready to be refilled.

Now excuse me while I go bake some apples, because I MUST make baked apple tea biscuits, inspired by my London treat, to accompany the crunchy and light Lavender Lemon Tea Biscuits I already make. Oh…and I have to plan that trip to Ireland so I can do more than just “see” it.

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