The Dog Ate My Homework

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“To err is human, to forgive, divine.” ~ Alexander Pope

This isn’t a food blog post, but it is food related and all about munching so I’m going to share it.

A few of us She Reads bloggers didn’t receive our books from the publisher in time to read the book and write our reviews, or in my case my recipe, before the monthly selection was announced.  It was no one’s fault, it just happened.  Usually we read them weeks in advance and have to keep our mouths shut as to which book and author have been selected.   I had my book deliveries all mixed and wasn’t paying any attention to the useful, and very specific, She Reads emails I was getting so thought I was way ahead in my reading.  I wasn’t.  I was way, way behind.  I felt so bad for getting everything all mixed up, but then realized that I hadn’t even received September’s book in the mail and it was…September!  I was able to relax, grateful that my post would be late through no fault of my own, and sit back while I waited for the UPS man to rumble up.

Well.  As it turns out, we made an impromptu out of town trip and my book was delivered to my front porch while I was away.  When we came home from our trip late in the night, however, our big, dumb, adorable coon hound was galloping around in the front yard, big ears flopping, padded feet thumping, as if to say, “Lookey what I did!  I did it again and you’ll never figure out how I did because I’m smarter.”  He was supposed to be in the fenced portion of the back yard, but knows that when the pet sitter comes to feed him we aren’t home.  Then he begins planning his escape.  Of course we have yet to discover his escape route and he has stayed in his fenced portion of the yard since that night.


The Culprit

The culprit.


The next morning when the sun came up, I saw a book lying in the yard.  It was obviously a dog-eaten book but I couldn’t figure out how our hound dog could have gotten a hold of it.  If we’d dropped one that we’d taken on our trip on our way into the house, it wouldn’t have been eaten because by that time he had been deposited back into the fenced yard.  My son went out to get it.  It was She Reads’ September selection.  The one I was behind on.  The one I had been waiting for the UPS man to deliver.  I guess he did deliver it and our silly dog thought it was a new chew toy for him.





The funny thing is that the mailer was missing, the colorful covers were missing their color (I had to go online and look it up just to see what the cover would have looked like.  It’s beautiful, by the way.), and the covers and end papers were torn off and mostly eaten.  Every page from the first to the last, however, was nibbled but intact!  I was still able to read it, though I almost had to message my She Reads people to tell them that my dog ate my homework.  Naughty, naughty, bad, bad dog for eating my book!  Good dog for stopping when he did.  I forgive him.



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    Hanna Laws
    September 17, 2013

    This is too funny. Sounds like a movie. And….he sure does look guilty!

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      September 17, 2013

      He always looks guilty. Even when he hasn’t done anything.

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