Sauté of Leeks & Turnip Greens


We aren’t big turnip fans in this family.  Greens have become our #1 food staple of late, however.  I’ve already planted two rounds of turnips this spring just so we would have a plentiful supply of baby greens coming in the back door.  They don’t sell well at the farmers market.  I don’t know why.  One customer’s comment may provide an indication.

“What do you do with a little bitty ol’ bunch of turnip greens like that?!”, he asked when he saw the bundles of baby greens I had for sale.

My reply, “Well, that’s all my garden gave me this week.”

His response, “No, seriously.  I like a BIG bunch of greens cooked in a pot.  What do you do with those little things?”

Well…the baby greens go home with us and get eaten right up in their nutrition packed, miniscule state.

I try not to overcook them to preserve their vitamin content, but raw turnip greens are prickly and unpleasant to handle.  I can’t imagine trying to eat them.  Bust just a quick stir in the pan in a little olive oil is all mine are allowed.


Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

1 1/2 c. leek greens (I know.  I’m probably the only one who uses them, but they are GREEN, nutrient dense, and delicious.)

4 cups loosely packed baby turnip greens

Himalayan pink salt

Freshly ground black pepper


I just heat the oil and add the leeks.



When they start looking like I want them to look, still green but with some crispy edges, I throw in the turnip greens, salt and pepper, and saute just until they are wilted.


You can do the fabulous southern grandma thing and sprinkle vinegar over the finished dish, but these are not those kinds of greens.   That’s a whole other yummy story.



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