Red, White, & Blue Cheese Spicy Grilled Chicken Panini ~ Getting the Most out of Your 4th of July Backyard BBQ


These spicy sandwiches are easy to put together if you take advantage of a hot grill on backyard bbq days, like the 4th of July. I end up grilling a lot of meat and salmon, even roasting peppers, any time we fire up our grill so that my outdoor cooking stretches to include busy weeknight meals that are quick and easy to throw together.



Pre-grilled chicken breasts…


…sauced with zesty hot sauce…


…and topped with roasted red pepper julienne and a little crumbled blue cheese…


  …is a great combo when the ingredients are pressed inside a buttered and toasted poppy seed or onion bun.



A heavy iron pan works really well as a sandwich press!


So take advantage of that hot grill this holiday weekend to get a head start on your weekly cooking by throwing extra chicken, fish, or steaks on the fire.


And don’t forget to take advantage or all that heat to roast a few peppers for adding to salads, sandwiches, or to create zingy sauces and aiolis to make any of your meals a little more interesting.







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