Pound Cake with Simple Syrup & Wildflowers


I really like pound cake– especially pound cake that is moist and sweet with crispy edges. Sour Cream Pound Cake and Cream Cheese Pound Cake are my favorites. Add lemons and poppy seeds and I’m in heaven. So when Joy from A Journey of Joy shared her father and grandmother’s recipe, I just had to try it for myself. I’d made her dad’s fabulous carrot cake, so knew it would be excellent, but instead of making a whole cake, I quartered the recipe and made just six little mini bundt pound cakes. Then I drizzled each with simple syrup and garnished them with mint and edible wildflowers from my spring garden. I chose to use purple and white violets.



My simple syrup is always a one part sugar to one part water ratio, simmered just until the sugar crystals dissolve. And I prefer using raw sugar.


It’s a great recipe. And those little cakes were all I needed to make my family happy with a weekend dessert.

The method is simple. Just cream the butter, then cream it with sugar.



Beat in the eggs. It sure is handy having a little Bantam hen around when you need half an egg for a recipe. Hers are half-sized, and absolutely adorable.



After the eggs, you whip in the vanilla extract.


Joy says you have to sift the flour four times.


I baked them in greased and floured mini bundts.


You must leave them in the pan, turned upside down, to cool completely before attempting to remove them from the pan.



Pretty, easy, and delicious!





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