Please enjoy the music while your party is reached…

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For anyone who cares where I’ve gone and why I haven’t posted for a good long while, I just want to announce that I’m right here typing on my kids’ fickle, old desktop while my newish laptop is in the midst of an ongoing temper tantrum. 

 The company that I purchased said, newish laptop from is apparently on a hiring freeze or has had to cut back on customer service reperesentatives.  I suspect this to be true because after being transferred several times from one rep. to another, the call led to a message that stated that all customer service reps. were in a meeting.  No joke.  Really.  It REALLY said that.

It is a four step process for my husand, the computer genius, to break into my hard drive to get to any photos I have downloaded to my computer and even more difficult to load them, view them, select them and post them via the old, fickle desktop.   I could use the computer genius’s laptop, but that’s a whole other story which may in the l0ng run lead to marital difficulties.  Seeing as how we have just celebrated our anniversary and are now in the first week of our 20th year, I figure it’s best not to rock the boat. 

Due to the aforementioned reasons I am taking a blog hiatus and am burying myself up to my ears in the last homeschool week of the year, first week of summer gardening, as well as the first week of my 20th year of marriage. 

If this had been an actual emergency, instructions would have been posted following this message.  As it was not, please enjoy the music while your party is reached. 

There’s no music.  😛


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