Mushroom Onion Swiss Baked Potatoes


I wanted a burger. I REALLY wanted a burger.  A cheese one.  Burgers are a bad idea.  You have to get the fries…the coke…the ketchup, mayo, salt, gluten… Potatoes are a better idea.

These made a fabulous little lunch.  I sauteed onions and garlic in extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan salt.  Then I added the mushrooms and cooked them with the onions, the same way I’d make a mushroom and onion Swiss burger. I cheated and microwaved the potatoes.  Did I mention it was a very quick lunch?

When everything was done, I split the hot potato open and added the flavorful onions and mushrooms.  Then I melted a little Swiss over each one to top them off. Yum!


Yes, I know this isn’t really a recipe but these were darn good enough to be the subject of a blog post all on their own. I think I’ll do this again sometime…soon.


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