Maine Event ~ Fresh Lobster from Fox’s Lobster House at York Beach


Though I had lived in New England for a while, I had never made it as far north as Maine. On our recent trip to New Hampshire, however, we were able to hop over the border, just long enough to do Maine right. Fresh lobster with a lighthouse view in the evening, beachcombing and tide pool exploring the next morning before we started our lengthy roundabout trip back west.






I had searched online for the best lobster pounds that would be open in Maine early in the season, in case we were able to fit that state into our itinerary. Fox’s Lobster House near York Beach with a view of the Nubble Light, America’s most photographed lighthouse, so they say, was said to have the best and most affordable whole lobsters. An added bonus for us was that it was just up from the border and not too far off our route so that when my husband finished in the middle of the week with the business that had us in New England, we were sitting at a table ordering lobster within the hour, enjoying a gorgeous sunset view and sipping iced tea. 

Nubble Light, or Cape Neddick Lightstation, as it was officially named, was built in 1879 to protect mariners from Maine’s rocky coast.




I’m not a huge shellfish fan. I like it. I’m a Florida girl so was raised on it, but it doesn’t come near the top of my list of favorite foods. An trip to the Sunshine State with a stop at a seafood restaurant usually does it for me. But by the time we arrived in York Beach my mouth was watering for lobster.

Fox’s was the place.



The lobster was superb!



And so was the perfectly creamy clam chowder.


The view from our table was amazing.


Our waitress and the owner were just so friendly, and so were the other patrons, talking across the space between their tables about their travel plans. Just fabulous. Such a sweet memorable first Maine jaunt for our little family. And the owner, Phyllis Fox, let us know that she is a realtor on the side if we ever decide to move to the area and start house hunting. Such a tempting idea! Even more tempting than the sweet lobster that came out of the restaurant’s 79 year old lobster pound.

The prices were unbelievable, even when I was sure there had to be a catch.


No catch, it’s just that some of Fox’s 65 employees literally catch the critters in the waters outside the restaurant for preparing in the restaurant’s newly remodeled kitchen. The 1 – 1/8 lb. lobsters each of my sons and I ordered were more than big enough for a meal with a side.

And speaking of my sons, it was so much fun to introduce them to whole lobster! The bibs cracked them up. One was simply giddy with anticipation waiting for his to be delivered to the table, the other skeptical. The one who wasn’t so sold on the idea stopped short when he saw what came out of the abdomen of his brother’s crustacean. That was the end of that. Though he did enjoy both claws.


Such a great little stop on our trip! Just perfect.





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