I Sent My Heart Home to Orlando Today. Love, Love, Love to the City Beautiful!


I try to keep this blog on the topic of “cooking, reading, gardening, and eating”, but this post has nothing at all to do with any of those themes. My hometown was just attacked by terrorists with genocidal intent. How can I possibly fail to acknowledge that here?

I also don’t get political on my cooking blog, but I must voice how angry I am that an apparent supporting member of one group of people thought it fitting to target another group of people, so chose a place where they could find the highest concentration of them to extinguish. It not only breaks my heart, but starts a fury in me that I just don’t know what to do with. This is MY “town” we’re talking about, where my earliest childhood memories were made and a lifetime of love shared with family and friends was cultivated.

So my heart went soaring home today without me, even though all I wanted was to be there in The City Beautiful to share love any way I could. Love, love, LOVE to my beautiful city, standing strong today against hate-filled murderers bent on stamping out freedom! 



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