Hazelnut Mocha Coffee


This drink really isn’t worthy of a blog post, but it’s my new Nutella substitute.  If there is Nutella in the house, I’m going to want to find all kinds of neat things to spread it on, but usually end up snitching a spoonful here and there to eat straight from the container.  I like it so much that I simply avoid buying it to bypass temptation.  But when we had our Creepfest Halloween party the weekend before last, I bought it to use as piped lettering on our graveyard cake headstones, rather than ready-made chocolate frosting that is full of hydrogenated oils.  It probably didn’t make a difference since we had black cat cookies made from Oreos and M&Ms, but I was trying.  Trying to keep the junk to a minimum while still allowing my family to have fun.

The great thing about this last Halloween was that my boys decided on their own that they were too old for costumes and trick-or-treating.  Secretly it broke my heart just a little bit.  I will really miss those precious times with them and it’s just another HUGE sign that they won’t be here with me forever, that they are really growing up.


But, man, oh man, was I happy that we didn’t have oodles of candy in the house from going door-to-door.  I have no idea what we will use to decorate our gingerbread house this Christmas, since leftover Halloween treats usually comprise the majority of the goodies we glue on with royal icing, but we’ll figure it out.

Avoiding that jar of Nutella, which I was disappointed to see is now in a plastic, most likely carcinogenic container, rather than glass, has been difficult.  I spread some on a beautiful whole wheat bagel the other day.  I think that’s probably a crime in some states, but I’ve thus far been able to avoid the spoon dipping.

Tonight, when I was putting away an organic box of quinoa (go figure) and saw the Nutella in the pantry, I decided to do something about my ongoing craving.

I didn’t come up with the healthiest solution, and haven’t done the math to see if it was just as bad as spoon-fulls of my favorite nut spread, but this is what I did.

I brewed a big mug of decaf. hazelnut coffee and put a package of cocoa with mini marshmallows and some raw cream from my neighbor’s cow in it.  Like I said, I don’t know how much better for me it was, but it hit the spot!  Mmmm!  So nice on a cozy fall evening after a chilly hike on our ridge-top trail.  The hike was hours ago, but I wasn’t able to warm up until I sipped that entire cup of steaming brew.


And…my fitness partner follows this blog so I think I’m going to hear about this one tomorrow after I fess up in my evening email.  At least I’d better hear about it.  It’s her “job”.  😉  But I guess it’s my job to behave.  I am supposed to be avoiding sugar.  It’s my rule, but that doesn’t mean I can break it.  But, oh, what a yummy, naughty cup of coffee!


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