Gorgeous Red Ramekins from The Pioneer Woman’s New Collection

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The day The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, released her new kitchenware collection to Walmart shelves, I happened to be in the store. I completely forgot till I was headed for the check-out aisles and saw the colorful stuff gleaming in the fluorescent light from high overhead, which had me detouring pretty quickly.

I love her style…clothes, food, flowery this and that…so had to get a good look at her collection. I decided pretty quickly that I didn’t like the flowery pattern of a few of her pieces, the one with what I think are supposed to be pansies and poppies. It just looked to me like a cheap, gaudy set of something I’d find at a discount store, which is exactly where I found it. But I did really like the smaller patterns and especially the colors. And the glassware with cute hobnail and rosette designs with ribbed sides in lavender or aqua was adorable. 

I quickly grabbed four red 9 oz. ramekins at around two bucks a piece ~oven, microwave, dishwasher safe AND made in the U.S.A.~ and put them in my basket, deciding right then and there that I will be collecting the stuff.


I promised myself that the next piece I bring home will be the cutest “pancake batter pitcher”, as I’m calling it, in red and white polka dots with a heavy aqua band around the top. It is just so perfect. And it will be mine.

My new little red ramekins are exactly what I needed for serving my French onion soup tonight on a rainy (and unfortunately sticky, hot, humid) fall evening.



I used one ramekin as a cutter to make rounds of bread that would fit just inside each, before toasting them and loading on Swiss and a little asiago cheese. After a couple of minutes under the broiler my croutons were ready to be slipped inside steaming bowls of oniony broth.



Time to eat!!

Here is my recipe for the soup. French Five Onion Soup




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