Exercising Caution with Essential Oils ~ They May Not Be as Edible as the “Big Boys” Claim

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Finally! Sorry. Essential oil company soap box episode coming. Shut your eyes if you don’t want to hear it.

I completely agree with this list of essential oil guidelines from Fresh Picked Beauty.  I started some hard research after signing up with a popular essential oil company at the beginning of the summer because I was excited by the claims that they could be an aid for so many ailments.  I ended up shocked that it is so nonchalantly advised that the oils be INGESTED.  This totally goes against what the International Federation of Aromatherapists recommends. In fact, they warn, “do not take essential oils internally”.  Not “all oils but the ones produced by really big companies”, but all essential oils.

The two most popular multi-level marketing (pyramid scheme) companies that recommend they be ingested claim that their essential oils can be taken orally because their oils are pure and other companies’ oils have additives.  From what I’ve learned, not all do have additives.  They are just as pure, according to their lab tests, as the “big boys'” who started the two popular direct sales companies that I hear about most.  I can believe the company that makes the $7 bottle of oil that knocks my headaches into next week the same as I can believe the claims of the company that sells the same essence for much more.

And I can believe when it’s stated under the safety precautions of a smaller company that when they say to “never ingest essential oils”, they aren’t just speaking of their own oils because they’ve lied in telling you that they are pure but actually have additives, as the big boys of other companies would have you believe.  I’m certain that, scientifically, their own oils, which have undergone the same tests as the big boys’ oils, are just as pure.  They are simply wise enough to follow essential oil general use guidelines and do not recommend that users go against them and actually INGEST the oils.

I’m not saying essential oils don’t work. I love them! I don’t go anywhere without a bottle of lavender and a bottle of peppermint, which I only use in the manner in which aromatherapy has been traditionally used for ages, topically (diluted) and through inhalation. But it really surprises me how often I hear it recommended that people eat them.  This from the crunchy girl (and daughter of a chiropractor and organic gardening/natural food enthusiast) who doesn’t balk at any form of alternative medicine. I just think more caution should be exercised and a less complacent attitude taken toward the ingestion of the oils. This list of guidelines is a great place to start, if the author’s research is accurate. I’m going to trust that it is and proceed very carefully with my health and that of my family members.

But I guess I really have no right to open my big, fat mouth, because I ingest Jack in the Box, on occasion, which I’m pretty sure the American Heart Association would frown upon.  But, hey, I never claimed to be perfect…or really very disciplined.  😉


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