Edible Tapestry Is A Week Old, Time to Chat A Bit.

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Well, I went from saying I wasn’t going to do it to being a full week in of having done it!  The reasons I wasn’t going to start a cooking blog?  The biggest of course is that I just really don’t have time for this.  What time I take blogging and creating and writing takes time from my boys, but then I remind myself that at least they school from home so we still have lots of quality time thrown in.  And now that I look back on it, it’s been a pretty darn good week for my boys.  One went to his first “real” rock concert, as we’ve been calling it, with his old mother and the other had a fabulous night out on the town eating pizza and movie watching with his dad.  Another thing we did this week, as part of our Pirate themed school year, is that we acted out the jobs of all the sailors on our “Pirate Ship” (living room area rug) and even managed to take six Spanish vessels and rob them of their booty after they had cornered us in the entrance to a harbor when we became grounded on a stretch of coral reef!  My boys also had story time with me, which I hope they never get too old for, and though they’ve been neglected more than usual since I started blogging,  they are quickly learning that now that our home kitchen has become a test kitchen there are always plenty of experiments going on and lots of interesting meals to taste test.  Even this morning, as soon as they finished their breakfasts, they were given an espresso cup full of homemade hot chocolate, the biproduct of my ganache making that began before they were even awake.  So, I guess I am telling myself that I do have time to do this and my children aren’t minding the trade off.

Another reason I had qualms about food blogging is that I wasn’t sure I had the qualifications to effectively take on such a big project.  I rarely doubt my cooking abilties and have always been passionate about food, but it’s very different to cook on the line for a job or to follow structured recipes in a food service establishment than it is to create recipes for people to follow.  I rarely use recipes when cooking at home so am finding it very difficult to get my ideas accurately documented.  This has created stress in the form of doubt this week that reemphasizes my earlier resistance to begin blogging.  Just showing my written work is very new to me and really has only happened over the past few weeks, but I am warming up to it a bit.  I honestly wish there was some way to remain completely anonymous, but I haven’t found one.  I guess with time I will stop doubting myself and worrying that everything I post or write could be criticized.  In the meantime, I will keep throwing myself in head first because I have to say, this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!  Thanks for listening!


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