Asparagus with Roasted Chestnuts


I didn’t have an open fire to roast my chestnuts over, but I did have a nice toasty oven to put them in.  It was an easy task.  Slit the nuts on the rounded, soft portion of each shell with a paring knife, toss them into a cast iron skillet, cover with foil, and wait.  Popping them out of their crisp shells after roasting was a cinch.

I used the meaty chestnuts, which took less than half an hour to roast at 400 degrees, in the stuffing that accompanied our Christmas roast duck, and to toss with asparagus for our vegetable side dish to go with the meal.


Just a little butter and extra virgin olive oil to quickly cook the asparagus spears in till they were fork tender, and all I needed to add was the chopped, roasted chestnuts and a little salt and pepper to enhance the flavors.


1 lb. fresh asparagus spears

3 T butter

2 T extra virgin olive oil

1 c. roasted, coarsely chopped chestnuts

Salt & Pepper to taste