A short flight over Asheville’s Ale Trail for under 10 bucks!

The Fresh Market specialty food stores offer beer connoisseurs and simple taste testers, such as myself, an opportunity to sample a variety of brews for a very low price, just under $10. Their “create your own custom 6  pack” box lets you choose six different bottles of mix and match beer to take home in a handy carrier. DSCF3060


The Merrimon Ave. location in Asheville, NC features a selection of local brews from the Asheville Ale Trail.

Of the six types I chose to sample, three were local brews I hadn’t yet tried.


Though I prefer dark beer for drinking, baking, and cooking, I chose two pale ales to fill the spaces of my Fresh Market DIY six pack.

I love a chocolatey porter, so couldn’t wait to put my lips to the edge of my favorite round-bellied beer glass to try Highland Brewing Company’s Oatmeal Porter. My first thought, as I stuck my nose in the glass and whiffed? OMG, it smells like a sweaty Viking! Fortunately it didn’t taste like one, or a kilt-wearing Scotchman for that matter, but possessed the malty, toasted chocolate hints I adore in a rich porter.



I love the difference in color. Beautiful! Pale ale on the left, porter on the right.


Highland Brewing Company‘s Razor Wit Belgian Style White Ale emitted spicy flavors as I sipped it warm, though I think I would have preferred it chilled.


French Broad‘s WEE-HEAVY-ER Scotch Ale was smoother than Highland Brewing Company’s pale ale, and tasted a little like soda pop compared to the richer brew. “American”, if you catch my drift. Very nice, ice cold, with a New York Strip and baked potato.


It’s nice to have such a simple, inexpensive way to taste a flight of  local brews without taking the time to visit each local brewery, though I do enjoy a layover, on occasion.



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