Spicy Blood Orange Glaze

2013-02-03 19.01.37It sure has been a great weekend!  We got the snow we were hoping and wishing for.  No sooner had I clicked “publish” on my last post than the snow started coming down hard.  We had enough for a hike in the snow soon after, and a pretty good snowball fight.

2013-02-02 16.54.20
I usually see this low-hanging branch in time to swing under it, but with my hood on I couldn’t and it got me right between the eyes. That’s what I get for taking my hiking stick and whacking snowy branches as soon as my husband was below them.

2013-02-02 16.41.22

When we woke up this morning, we realized it had snowed all night as the weather man had predicted.  Love that he was right for once!

2013-02-03 09.40.55

It was perfect for sledding…for a while.  It started melting very quickly, but not before we were able to build a snowman and slip around a little in the slush.

2013-02-03 10.56.05
He’s an angry snowman.
2013-02-03 11.13.05
Whoops! Poor kid. He needs a real snowboard and some fluffy snow. He’s totally outgrown that little red thing he’s had for years.
2013-02-03 11.15.27
He calls this his “Epic Fail” and says failing is much more fun than succeeding. But seriously, the poor kid had to deal with only a little bit of melting snow. He did manage to have two pretty good runs.

We hurried to dry off, clean up, and warm up so we could take a drive before all the snow melted.

2013-02-03 12.19.06By the time we got home with our Super Bowl Sunday groceries, the snowman was thanking his lucky stars to still be standing.

2013-02-03 16.49.16
The boys said this was the most “epic” pose a snowman has ever taken. I agree. He’s the only one I’ve ever seen defy gravity.

We had a quick lunch of 1905 Salad, minus the ham, tomatoes, and worcestershire, with roast chicken.  Then I started marinating pork “ribs”(lean pork loin cut in strips to simulate ribs) for the people in the house who are watching their animal fat intake, along with a rack of beef ribs.

I goofed off for a few hours before putting the ribs in the oven.  While they baked, I tried to make a mock potato salad using cauliflower, but, no surprise, it was awful and I think I’ve gone and wasted an entire head of cauliflower, kind of like the head of cabbage we tossed into the compost this week following the whole sauerkraut making fiasco.  At least my mid afternoon acorn squash snack was perfect, or I’d be thinking that I should steer clear of spherical produce for a while.

The bbq sauce had to be as GAPS friendly as possible, so I stuck to only ingredients we have already been using for a while.  Oranges, mustard, chili powder…

The sauce, which ended up more like a glaze, was just what our ribs and “ribs” needed for us to feel like we were eating something we weren’t supposed to, though it is hard to ignore the bowl of Doritos on the coffee table that our boys are splurging on tonight.  It’s okay.  I can keep pretending they are not sitting in all of their corny cheesiness right behind me as I type, because there is a new package of 90% dark chocolate waiting in the pantry for me.  Not entirely allowed on GAPS, but I held off as long as I could, dadgummit!  A girl NEEDS her chocolate!  Just one square.  I promise.


The juice and zest of 2 clementine oranges

The juice of one blood orange

1 T spicy brown mustard

1/4 tsp. Himalayan salt

1 T chili powder

1/8 tsp. cinnamon


Zest and juice the oranges.

Isn’t blood orange juice pretty?


Combine all ingredients.


Simmer to reduce for app. 10 minutes.


Brush on.

2013-02-03 18.53.492013-02-03 19.02.39

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