Mango Black Bean Salsa

I walked into the office of one of my chef instructors in my second semester of culinary school and there was a picture on her desk of herself with Julia Child.  I looked at her and asked, “You KNOW Julia Child?!!”  With her awesome Sri Lankan accent she replied, sounding a bit offended that I should have to ask, “But of course!  She’s my good friend!”  I felt like curtsying or asking for her autograph.  This little woman whom I had been working alongside in awe of for her obvious culinary abilities had suddenly jumped to near celebrity status in the eyes of one of her young students.  And being one of only three mainland students that I knew in the entire culinary program, I had no idea that she did, in fact, hold a celebrity status with the local students and community.

She was the genius behind the interesting combination of mango and black beans as a salsa that won my heart all those years ago along with her kind and patient instruction.  I was happy to discover, recently, that she has her own line of spice mixes for sale.  If they are anything like the woman who creates them, they have to be simply amazing!

Check them out at


1 c. mango, medium dice

1/4 c. yellow onion,  diced

1 c. cooked black beans

1/4 c. poblano peppers, minced

1/4 tsp. salt

2 T lime juice

1/4 tsp. cumin

Combine all ingredients.

This was a mild version.  Perfect with our Fish Tacos.   I think it would have been prettier with some red bell pepper and fresh cilantro, not to mention tastier.  Next time…


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