Blueberry Whole Wheat Griddle Cakes

I think I may have mentioned in another post or three that I really love pancakes.  I love them all– thin and crispy edged, fluffy and thick, whole grain, white, with blueberries, bananas, or even with chocolate chips in the batter.  When I was a kid and we would go to IHOP, I always wanted the funny faced pancake with the chocolate chips and whipped cream.  My parents always said no, understandably.  We have taken the boys two or three times and have rebelliously allowed them to have the crazy faced pancake that shouldn’t be allowed on a breakfast menu, but this is the pancake version they are most often required to settle for.  Fortunately they love them.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to eat a pancake without maple syrup.  That would seem criminal in this family.  At least I get some wheat and berries into us along with it when I make these which isn’t too often.


3 c. whole wheat flour

1 1/2 tsp. baking soda

1 T sugar

1/2 tsp. salt

2 eggs

2 c. milk

2 T melted butter

1 c. blueberries

Butter or oil for cooking


Sift together all the dry ingredients.

Beat the eggs with the milk and drizzle in the melted butter while whisking.  Add wet ingredients to dry and gently fold with a spatula until all of the dry ingredients are moistened.  Do not over mix if you want lofty griddle cakes.

Cook on a hot griddle, adding blueberries just before flipping.

Flip when bubbles form in the center of the cake.

Do not flatten with your pancake turner or the air will go out of them and they will not be as fluffy as they should be.


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