3 Step Pimiento Cheese ~ Easy Super Bowl Sunday Menu

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Which means absolutely nothing to me but funny commercial replays on Monday and a couple of hours of quiet time to myself after cooking up some fun party food for the menfolk.

I went easy on myself this year by keeping the menu short and simple. In 45 minutes I was able to bake a chocolate cake that I will decorate later, grill chicken breasts, start cooking to death a Boston butt, and whip up a batch of pimiento cheese. For a girl who is used to all day, from-scratch cooking, this feels a little like ordering take-out.

We will have the pimiento cheese, which I am leaving out at room temperature for the next three hours, with tortilla chips, alongside pulled pork, sloppy Joe, and Buffalo chicken sliders. The cake will be a Black Forest cherry cake.

I wanted the pimiento cheese to be chunky, not whippy, and mild and simple, since the rest of the meal with be super saucy and spicy, and the bulk food store tortilla chips I bought to go with it are pretty salty.

Here is my silly little 3 step recipe. Hot peppers or hot sauce would give it a kick, as would a bit of horseradish, or any number of fun additives, but I could eat this simple version by the spoonful, it’s so perky. Seriously.


1 cup sweet orange, yellow, and red baby bell peppers, seeded

16 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, cubed


Puree the peppers in a food processor until almost liquified, but still a bit chunky.




Blend in the cheese cubes until they’re combined with the peppers.




Spoon into a dish and serve with tortilla chips, toast points, crackers, rounds of French bread…or do what I plan to sneak into the kitchen to do later, when everyone else’s eyes are glued to the t.v. and mouths are full of sliders, use it to make a toasty grilled pimiento cheese sandwich!


Yield: approximately 2 cups


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